Why buy an electric boat?
Because they are environmentally friendly, low maintenance, high durability and extremely economical to operate. Ideal for no wake or limited speed controlled zones, they are well suited for both fresh water lakes and saltwater harbors. ElectraCraft’s quality electric power boats offer the perfect combination of high end design, performance and easy handling, all backed by lifetime limited warranties.

How long will it take to charge my ElectraCraft?
It will take about 10 hours to charge the battery pack using standard 110 volt AC household current. The time will be less if you have only been on the water for a few hours. Our automatic charging system will replenish the charge by simply plugging in the power cord to our twist lock inlet. The charger will automatically shut off after the batteries are fully charged.

How long will I be able to cruise on a fully charged battery pack?
You should be able to cruise for at least 8 hours on a full charge. We have boats in commercial use that cruise all day long and fully recharge overnight.

How much does it cost to charge the battery pack?
Pennies a day. Costs vary, depending on local utility rates, but are nothing compared with a combustion engine with today’s cost of gasoline or diesel fuel.

How long before I need to replace my battery pack?
With proper care, the battery pack can provide 5 to 7 years of performance before replacement. Just maintain the water levels in the battery cells and always plug in the shore power when you return to your dock.

How will my ElectraCraft stand up to the elements, saltwater and currents?
Our motor and navigation systems are designed to weather the weather. ElectraCraft boats will perform just as well in ocean harbors as on fresh water lakes. Our controller is solid state and our electric motors are the highest rated for performance available.

Are there special requirements to operate an electric boat?
No. ElectraCraft boats are designed not only for ease of maintenance but also ease of operation. Our infinitely variable actuator allows for smooth acceleration and deceleration under all conditions.

Can I customize my Electracraft to my specifications?
Absolutely. Part of the fun of having an ElectraCraft electric boat is to make a personal statement. We have multiple models and a wide variety of options from which to choose. Every thing from hull design, canopy style, fabric choice, cruising comforts, electronics, mooring protection and personalized lettering.

How will I take delivery?
We make local and cross country deliveries all of the time. One of our authorized representatives will personally bring your new ElectraCraft to your dock, rig it and show you the ropes.