Choosing a Boat

We make it easy, based on your lifestyle.

Faced with the prospect of so many wonderful choices, how does one decide upon which model to buy? First think about how you’re going to be using your boat and who will be joining you on your excursions.

Hull Design Preference
If you are single, or a couple without children, your entertainment needs and spatial requirements will be different from those who have large extended families. You may want to consider looking at the Traditional (TS) Series.

If nostalgic styling and classic nautical wood details will enhance your pleasure as you captain your vessel, the Lapstrake (LS) Series will give you a high-toned image you will appreciate.

For those who will be entertaining children and needing lots of room, our very stable “party boat” Catamaran (CS) Series is ideal. From family celebrations to corporate outings, the CS can be put to a multitude of duties left only to one’s imagination. And the CS, being easy to board with its level deck, is the ideal craft for wheelchair access.

Cruising Comforts
Having decided upon the hull design of your choice, the next step is determining your preference for canopy options. The stately surrey style canopies offers the handy option of our ElectraCraft Custom Sliding Window Enclosures. These tough enclosures eliminate the need for any additional mooring protection.

You may prefer the versatility of our ragtop convertibles, standard on all models. Stainless steel convertible canopies may be used individually or simultaneously to create the ideal comfort level for you and your guests. Out convertible tops feature a connection curtain that provides complete coverage.

The LS and CS Series are both well suited for areas prone to choppy waters and high wind conditions such as harbors experience, while the CS Series is ideal for more protected waterways such as inland lakes. The CS also offers boarding ladders for swimming and water recreation.

All ElectraCraft models are currently being enjoyed on a variety of protected waters throughout the U.S. and abroad. ElectraCraft have been purchased for both private use and commercial use for as many different reasons as we have customers.

Whichever ElectraCraft Electric Power Boat you ultimately choose, you can be assured that it will be one of the most satisfying purchases you will ever make. Our attention to detail, luxurious appointments and myriad options will make your ElectraCraft an incredible extension of your waterfront home. And our commitment to service will give you peace of mind, year after year.